Old Amagi Tunnel

The Old Amagi Tunnel is the longest stone tunnel in Japan. The construction took 13 years and it was completed in 1905. It was the main tunnel connecting Mishima and Shimoda areas until the New Amagi Tunnel was constructed. The tunnel appears in the world-famous novel ‘Izu Dancer’ by Kawabata Yasunari. (Length: 446 meters; width: 4.02 meters)

Lake Haccho-ike

Lake Haccho-ike is the crater lake of 1,170-meter high Mount Amagi. The name ‘Haccho’ originates from the distance around the lake, which is about 870 meters. The lake is also known as the home of rare Moriao frogs. From May through June, the frogs lay eggs on twigs over the lake to protect them from fish predators.

Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls

Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls are made up of seven waterfalls: Odaru (Grand Waterfall), Shokei-daru, Kani-daru, Kama-daru, Ebi-daru (Shrimp Waterfall), Deai-daru and Hebi-daru (Snake Waterfall). Around Kawazu Nanadaru Waterfalls, well-formed columnar rocks can be found. The rocks are formed by basaltic lava.

Kawazu Loop Bridge

The Kawazu Loop Bridge is located on Route 414 near the entrance of Nanadaru/Odaru Onsen. This double loop bridge was constructed to withstand earthquakes. It’s 1.1 kilometers long and 45 meters high. The diameter is 80 meters. Since opening in 1981, it has become one of landmarks in Kawazu.


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Tsuribashi-so offers 11 different kinds of onsen (hot spring) baths for your complete relaxation. All baths are filled with the hot water of Kawazu Nanadaru Onsen Hot Spring. Having a low mineral content, it’s easy on the body and helps relieve pains and recover fatigue. Don’t miss trying our special Green Tea Bath.


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Welcome to Tsuribashi-so, an onsen Japanese-style inn on Izu Peninsula. Being one of the most popular Japanese resorts, Izu is famous for its green tea and natural hot springs. Come enjoy our home-grown “mattcha” green tea and 11 kinds of onsen baths. Tsuribashi-so is truly the place to experience the Japanese culture.

Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival

The Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival, held from February 10 to March 10, was not so known few years ago but today it is a famous event known throughout Japan.
The event draws two million people every year. Please come to enjoy it.

Tsuribashi (suspension bridges)

The Kawazu River runs through the hotel property and there are three suspension bridges in the property. The name of the hotel comes from these bridges.

Hotel Information

· Number of Guest Rooms: 41
· Total Capacity: 160 guests
· Banquet rooms: 2
· Check In: 3:00 PM-8:00 PM (Please call us if you are late for check-in.)
· Check Out: 10:00 AM
· Baths: Large indoor baths, outdoor baths, rooftop baths, tunnel baths, and green tea bath (extra)
· Bath Hours: 24 hours (indoor baths), 6:00 AM-11:00 PM (outdoor baths in the new building) and 6:00AM-10:00 PM (outdoor baths in the main building)
· Free parking
· Pick-up service from Kawazu Station: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
· Payment: Cash only
· Cancellation Policy: No charge if cancelled 4 days before your date of stay.
· Shuttle bus to the Amagi Tunnel leaves at 10:00 every morning. Make your arrangements until the day before, at the front desk.

Room Rates

· All rates include tax. (Please refer to JHN Travel site by clicking the below button.)
· Single guests are accepted with an extra fee.
· There are very few restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.
· You can take food to your room.
· Please make dinner arrangements once your reservations are confirmed.
· For breakfast, please ask at the time of check-in.
· No vegetarian menu is available. Choice of fish or meat.


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